Using the Demo

This site includes a simple mockup of the phone app interface to explain the two main components.

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Please note, at the top right of the demo screen is a collapsed menu, designated with three horizontal bars. Open this up to enable moving between the two screens of the mockup.

Overview of the MP Dashboard

This screen presents how an MP would be shown key information. By selecting a simple topic title, they will be able to choose from a range of topic summaries which link to more substantial underlying data. The key to this is the summary format, comprising a map view of how the topic affects an area or constituency, taking into account the demographic profile of the area. By contextualising the topic not just to the general area but also to the people who live there, an MP can see the “where, how and who” of an issue impacting their area.

In addition to the topic view, they are also presented with a simple curated feed of current events and news so that they can obtain up-to-the minute information for them to be familiar with.

The purpose here is to provide quick, factual briefings which can be read at a glance in between meetings, in a taxi, or before an unexpected interview.

Overview of the Citizen View

The citizen view allows individuals to better understand their representatives, current issues, and provide basic feedback to politicians. This increases the engagement of citizens in the political process, by making it clear what issues are currently being discussed and giving a stronger connection with their representative.


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